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Join the SDS Alliance Collaborative Network
to #CureSDS

Thank you for your interest in joining the SDS Alliance Collaborative Network!

Patients & Loved Ones

  • Join our Patient & Loved One community here. Joining provides unlimited access to all content on our website including our physician referral list, patient toolkit, research publications and more.

Physicians & Researchers

  • Join our Physician & Researcher community here. Gain free and unlimited access to full text publications, Castleman disease clinical guidance pages, grant applications, and more.

Community Supporters

  • Want to follow and support the fight against Castleman disease? Please join our community here. Joining provides access to our newsletters, research progress, and updates on our annual events.

Enroll in the ACCELERATE Registry

  • Interested in donating your medical records to our ACCELERATE patient registry for Castleman disease research? Click here to learn more.

Sample Donation

  • Interested in donating blood and/or other samples for research? Help find your cure and learn more about donating samples to life-saving Castleman disease research here.

CDCN Connect

  • Join CDCN Connect: a private, virtual community for connecting with one another and advancing a cure. Click here to learn more and join.


The SDS Alliance was founded by the principle that patients should be at the center of research and clinical care, with the singular goal of improving patients' lives by accelerating therapies and cures for Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome. 


The key to this disease is within each patient and their caregivers (family & loved ones). By collaborating with all stakeholders within the community, we can unlock the unknowns and achieve our mission to improve all patients' lives.

Would you like to join this mission? Whether you are a patient, caregiver, researcher, physician, or any other member of the stakeholder community, there are many ways to support this work.

Please consider donating, attending an event, donating samples and data to research, or volunteering with us!

  • Donate Samples

  • Donate Data

  • Donate Insights

  • Donate Funding

We are only as strong as our community. Join the fight, and together, we will end Castleman disease.


Patients: Donate Samples
Donating samples to help advance our life saving research is one of the most important ways you can join in the fight against your disease.

Donate Samples


Patients: Join the Registry
We need your help. With even more patients enrolling into ACCELERATE and providing their medical data and Castleman disease story, we will have a clearer understanding of Castleman disease, physicians will be better equipped to provide the best treatment for their patients, and we will move even closer to finding a cure.

Register Here


Donate to the CDCN
Anyone can join in the fight against Castleman disease by donating! Over 90% of all CDCN donations are used solely for high-impact Castleman disease research.


Donate Now

Join our Community
Patients & Loved Ones, Physicians & Researchers, and community supporters can stay up-to-date with the CDCN and the latest CD research by joining our community.

  • Patients & Loved Ones can sign up here

  • Physicians & Researchers can sign up here.

  • Community Supporters can sign up here.

Castleman Disease Warriors:

The castleman warrior program was designed as a way to bring patients and loved ones together to unite them in their ability to raise awareness and funds for the CDCN. The warrior team is a group of people who work together to share thoughts, plans, fundraising ideas, and agendas for how we can help find our cure.

Check out our current warrior team here! If you are interested in becoming a warrior and fighting back against Castleman Disease, please click here.

Amazon Smile:


We are all looking for ways to join the fight and help advance life saving research. Shopping through Amazon smile is one simple and easy way to give back to research. Link your Amazon account to Amazon Smile and select the Castleman Disease Collaborative Network (CDCN) so that 0.5% of future purchases will be donated to the CDCN and life-saving research! It is the same products, same prices, and same Amazon service, just helps you give back to the CDCN! Visit to select your charity and get started, and learn more about the program here!



The CDCN is comprised of physicians, researchers, patients, loved ones, and medical students. Our organization would not be successful without the hard work and dedication from so many people who volunteer their time to help us take down this disease. If you are passionate about Castleman disease, and want to help us advance our life saving research by joining our team, please fill out the survey.

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